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Ford Galaxie & LTD Gold Portfolio 1960-1976

Ford Galaxie & LTD Gold Portfolio 1960-1976Wydawnictwo: Brooklands Books
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 9781855205918

Czas dostawy: produkt chwilowo niedostępny

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Ford firmly established its full-size Galaxie models on the NASCAR ovals in the first half of the 1960s. Though these were big and heavy cars which didn't fare too well on the drag strips, they were hard to beat once wound up and running hard. Poor aerodynamics held them back in 1962, but a mid-season redesign in 1963 brought the more streamlined Sports Roof body and the 427 engine, and that year the big Fords took 23 Grand National wins and an overall first. In 1964, overall victory went to Ford again with a record-breaking 30 NASCAR wins, and in 1965 the company enjoyed its best-ever NASCAR season. The emphasis of these early full-sizers had been on performance, but in mid-decade Ford switched its performance emphasis to the intermediate Fairlane line and to newcomers such as the Mustang. The 1966 Galaxie was all about refinement rather than power, and the LTD line arrived with its luxury package. The concept had changed, and the Galaxies and LTDs got bigger and heavier as the years rolled by - until the 1973-1974 Energy Crisis forced a big re-think. Sales of full-sized Fords dropped alarmingly, and the company scrambled to design smaller and lighter cars. The Galaxie name disappeared for 1975, leaving the LTD as the top model - and before long even the LTD name would be applied (as LTD II) to a smaller model. These Fords were cars of their era, and it was an era we shall not see again. Yet this book will allow enthusiasts to re-live those times when the big Fords were cars to be reckoned with. Models covered: Starliner, Town Sedan, 500, 500XL, Fastback, Convertible, LTD, LTD 428, LTD 429, LTD 390, Brougham, Wagon, Landau, LTD & Town Car. 176 pages, 475 illus. SB. - nasza specjalość to książki napraw, instrukcje napraw oraz instrukcje obsługi samochodów i motocykli. Zapraszamy do zakupów w naszej księgarnii, każdego miłośnika motoryzacji!